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Cello lessons

Daniel offers lessons to cellists of all levels and ages and has experience with people aged 2 to in their 80s and from absolute beginner to post-graduate studies.

He has over 15 years experience teaching in Australia, Germany, England and France, and currently offers lessons in English and German languages.

What is involved in learning cello

Music is about communication and expression through sound. To accomplish this, musicians require good instrumental technique, an understanding of music's theory and context, and the ability to convey complex ideas through an instrument.

To enable this, your lessons will cover:

  • how to read and write music,

  • basics of the cello,

  • music history,

  • music theory,

  • cello technique,

  • a step-by-step practice guide,

  • performance and audition preparation,

  • and personalised guidance on how to improve at the cello.

To ensure that the teacher/student relationship is a good fit, the first lesson is a trial lesson and is provided at no charge.

Lessons are offered in-person in Paris, or online.


Contact me here for more information.

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